Setting up BigQuery & adding Host 

What is BigQuery?
It’s a data warehouse that enables you to store vast amounts of data in the cloud. For our purposes, think of it as your database for storing your sales and marketing data all in one place. We can then run superfast SQL queries to visualise your data for analysis.

How much does it cost?
Most small businesses will fall within the “free” tier of BigQuery e.g. the first 10 GB of storage per month is free.

How long will this setup take?
Five minutes. Follow the instructions below.

1. Visit (while logged into your business Google Account)

2. Click “Get started for free”:

BigQuery - Getting Started

3. Check the boxes to accept the terms of service and hit “Continue”:

BigQuery - Terms of Service

4. Enter your customer, business and billings data (don’t worry, you won’t be charged a penny and there is no autocharge), then hit “Start My Free Trial”:

BigQuery - Customer & Business Data

5. You’ll now be inside “My First Project”. Create a new project:

BigQuery - Create New Project - 1

6. Name your project “Ecommerce Growth Dashboard”:

BigQuery - Create New Project - 2

7. Open the “Ecommerce Growth Dashboard” project that you just created:

BigQuery - Create New Project - 3

8. On the left-hand nav, rollover “Admin” then “IAM”:

BigQuery - Access

9. Click “Add”:

BigQuery - Add User

10. Under “New Members”, type then under “Select a role” select Project then Owner:


BigQuery Permissions

11. Check “Send notification email” and hit “Save”:

BigQuery - Send Notification