A Letter to Ecommerce Business Leaders

It’s time for the people who interface with the customer to get involved in the ecommerce game. 

A (fictional) letter to ecommerce business leaders…

A Letter To Ecommerce Business Leaders

Hey Mr. Ecommerce Leader,

I know you’re busy and you’re in a lot of important meetings. They must be important because there are lots of people sat around that big table.

I’m only the customer services guy, but why don’t you invite me to any of your meetings? I’ve got things to say; Things that could really impact the bottom line. You haven’t spoken to me since the Christmas party when Bob sang “Keep the Customer Satisfied” by Simon and Garfunkel.

Yesterday, I heard you talking about personalization, algorithms, Chabot, hamburger menus, big data, mobile –first video.

But I’ve noticed things. Our customers laugh at the stock images on our website. They find the menu navigation really confusing to use. They can’t find the product they want on our website. They really hate that pop-up that says “we care about your privacy”. The checkout form causes would-be buyers to abandon on mobile.

Oh sure people understand that we sell widgets. But they don’t know what separates us from all the OTHER companies that sell widgets. And there is a LOT of them. Mr. Ecommerce Leader, our customers don’t understand our value proposition!

I think we should meet regularly. Let’s build customer-insight into the marketing status quo. Let’s make this a group think.

I know you’re worried about website personalisation and A/B testing and regression analysis and trigger-based emails and Google Ad cost-per-acquisition and revenue and ecommerce conversion rates and average order value. But I was thinking, if we take care of our customer, maybe a lot of your fancy performance metrics will look better?

Unnecessary steps, complicated forms, jargon-filled content, SLOW page load times… I’ve got a list right here. Why won’t you talk to me?

Can we put the customer first?

Yours truly,

Empathetic-But- Under- Appreciated-Customer-Services- Rep.

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