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Alan Chapman is a digital practitioner with ten years experience working at digital advertising agencies with UK and pan-­European businesses.

Common UX Pitfalls on Ecommerce Product List Pages


Are Product List Pages too early in the user journey to affect your ecommerce conversion rate? Absolutely not! Learn some of the most common pitfalls ecommerce companies STILL make in 2019. Not sure [...]

Common UX Pitfalls on Ecommerce Product List Pages2019-03-20T11:12:59+01:00

The State of Conversion Optimisation 2019


It's January, and a good time to take stock. When it comes to Conversion Optimisation, how far have companies come and what remains to be achieved?  Where are we on the scale of [...]

The State of Conversion Optimisation 20192019-02-25T06:09:35+01:00

NextGen Design Practices for Websites


Does great web design increase business value? How do you prove that? How do you systematize great web design? And what does that look like? In this article I’ll summarise the learnings from McKinsey’s [...]

NextGen Design Practices for Websites2019-02-25T06:10:49+01:00

Ecommerce Leadership: 2019 Focus


Not so long ago, marketers were creative Mad Men.  Now, a new study by Spencer Stuart shows an alarming number of Chief Marketing Officers (CMO's) who’ve been fired during 2018. What's happening? CMO’s, Marketing [...]

Ecommerce Leadership: 2019 Focus2019-02-25T06:11:28+01:00

The rise and rise of conversion patterns


Websites have been around for years. Yet there isn’t a definitive list of best practices. Why is that? In this article I explain how to use conversion patterns to really maximise revenue on [...]

The rise and rise of conversion patterns2019-04-26T09:34:44+01:00

The case against website A/B testing


Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is a huge revenue opportunity for many companies. If you have a business-critical website, the art and science of persuading website visitors to transact has significant upside. What's stopping [...]

The case against website A/B testing2019-04-26T09:34:55+01:00