Every digital marketer ever: “What about personalization?”
Me: …

In marketing, personalisation is fine-tuning. Take the website, for example. The reality is that most websites see much higher returns by addressing the fundamentals. Things like slow loading webpages, pages errors, broken links, poor checkout processes, site navigation and the value proposition. BASIC stuff! 

Your website probably isn’t ready for personalisation yet, the same way it’s not ready for regression analysis and multivariate testing. If your website is crap, don’t personalise it yet.

On top of that, managing your website is already a headache. You’ve got to keep on top of inventory, merchandising, campaign planning and infinite device/browser screen resolutions. Are you going to be able to manage a personalised environment as well  – with the additional skills and investment this entails?

The theory: you collect rich customer data then micro-target customised messaging.

The reality: you need an army to coordinate all the inputs and outputs: data > micro-audience > content > design > development > data >… etc. No wonder that Gartner predicts that 80% of marketers will abandon personalization efforts by 2025. It can feel like creating a rod for your own back. 

Designing and maintaining personalisation systems takes a tremendous effort. It’s not the tools or the data you lack, it’s the people.  

If this is sounding familiar, it should. Across EVERY aspect of ecommerce, people/process/culture are playing catch up with data/tools/AI.

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