Two-Speed Optimisation

Streaming Conversion Insights For Ecommerce Websites

A/B testing hogs all the limelight. But it’s only a subset of conversion optimisation. True optimisers know that testing a website with underlying issues is merely painting lipstick on the proverbial pig. To guard against this, adopt two-speed optimisation.

What is two-speed optimisation and how do you do it?

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Want to make the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time on your website? Consider two-speed optimisation.

In a world where we now have real-time analytics, we can conduct usability tests every week, we can run customer surveys 24/7, it’s critical not to get stuck in the IT pipeline.

In my practice, we conduct deep-dive audits of the website that separate findings into two streams. The first stream is A/B testing. This is where the majority of our insights tend to go. The second stream we call ‘Just Do It’ changes which can be made without A/B testing.

With any robust optimization programme, you’re likely to have a pipeline of A/B tests AND a pipeline of ‘Just Do It’ changes. The big question is “when do you A/B test and when do you ‘Just Do It’?”

For A/B testing, run those tests when you have a data-driven hypothesis that you need to prove or disprove.

For ‘Just Do It’ website changes, implement them when you’ve observed something fundamentally broken with the website, it’s a real no-brainer and it just needs to be fixed. I’m talking about things like broken address lookups, poor filter functionality, device-browser rendering issues, etc., etc.

And finally, bear in mind that those two pipelines to your optimisation program are NOT mutually exclusive. In fact, you should run both streams concurrently. Remember that A/B testing provides the business case to your ‘Just Do It’ changes. It’s like experimenting before you leap.

Let me leave you with this: your A/B testing stream is likely to be BIGGER and you’re ‘Just Do It’ stream. Not only that, but you’re likely to get your biggest conversion wins on the website with AB testing.

Does your business adopt two streams of optimisation to increase conversion rates? Let me know, and get in touch to start a conversation about converting more website visitors to customers – to start maximising your website revenues. Reach out on LinkedIn or contact me here.