Checkout Optimisation – Chapter 4

Identifying Technical Bottlenecks

In this chapter, we’ll cover how to identify the TECHNICAL conversion bottlenecks on your website

This means fixing stuff that’s broken.

Technical analysis includes:

Roles Responsibilities
Page load speed Does the page load quickly?
Functional issues Are all the links, buttons and UI elements working correctly?
Responsiveness What do pages look like when viewed on different browsers? Difference devices?


If you’ve created your customised Funnel Map from Chapter 2, you’ll have noticed conversion bottlenecks on your website.

Some conversion bottlenecks can be addressed with front-end changes. Things like content, design and layout.

But on the checkout pages, the scope for getting BIG conversion wins from front-end changes is more limited – compared to your product pages, for example.

On your checkout pages, there is often significant conversion upside by making back-end changes. Back-end changes tend to be more functional.

Fixing broken experiences may not be sexy – but it sure does pay the bills.

Device Optimisation: How To Spot Functional Issues In Your Checkout