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Same traffic, more customers: accelerate website revenues

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The Conversion Detox Dashboard that reveals rainmaking opportunities about your website

Maximising website revenue starts with identifying high-opportunity web pages. The Conversion Detox Dashboard shows you how to find those ‘Money Pages’.

Get instant access to the very same dashboard I use for all my clients: a ready-made visualisation of your Google Analytics data that reveals actionable insight. This is the very same dashboard my clients have paid for. Now it can be yours.

(Instant-access download)

Clients include


Put your data to work

Like most business and marketing leaders, you have all the data in the world, but it’s a struggle to manage it all. You have lots of marketing channels and you need to tie them together to show value for what you’re doing.

You need an overview of what’s going on so you can be ‘air traffic control’, direct and delegate.

Most leaders aren’t technologists or BI people, yet they’re being forced to try and figure it out. These factors, coupled with the need to prove value, make an easy-to-use and easy-to-share dashboard increasingly important.

Download the Detox Dashboard NOW to start taking control of your website performance. All that, and it looks gorgeous too.

(Instant-access download)

Hi, I’m Alan Chapman:

  • Optimiser: of business-critical websites like French Connection and The Times.

  • Speaker: to organisations like and London Silicon Roundabout

  • Resident course trainer: on CRO at Digital Kitchen, the digital marketing training provider.

The Detox Dashboard (part of my proprietary Locate > Triangulate > Monetate Conversion Framework) is the very same dashboard I use for all my clients: companies with business-critical websites across verticals such as retail, travel, fintech and publishing.

Without this dashboard, you’ll waste your time trying to make effective ecommerce optimisations.

With it, you’ll eliminate the guesswork to start running a highly-profitable optimisation program.