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Web Analytics

List Growth

Attract leads & subscribers with higher opt-in rates

User research


Storyboarding, copywriting & design that converts

User testing


Tagging your subscribers to send trigger-based sequences

Content strategy


Increasing revenue-per-subscriber with testing & optimisation

Your Business + Email = 💙 ?

Email tools are built for EVERYONE. They’re an easy way to send emails en masse, and they’re especially easy to start using.

But as your subscriber list grows, you need to customise.

Segmentation, tags, automation, merge fields… used effectively, these features save you time and grow profit.

Unfortunately, managing the flow of data is easy to get wrong – and next-level email marketing is built on data. You can tie yourself in knots, lose time and cripple your entire marketing system.

Then your email list goes untapped. It’s like sitting on a goldmine without a pickaxe.

Systematise Growth With Your “Email Engine”

Email tools (e.g. MailChimp, Klaviyo, etc.) emphasise fancy templates, deliverability and reporting. Great – but it doesn’t help you with what to say, when, to whom and how.

The biggest problem is getting the information you need in the right place. Like knowing where subscribers entered your system, what emails they’ve seen, how they’ve engaged, and what they’ve purchased.

With Email Mastery, we start with your data infrastructure – turning your email tool from an expense into an asset.

Systematise Growth

Email Engagement


IMPROVE engagement (high open rates and click rates)

Email Sales


INCREASE sales with email on autopilot to generate sales

List Growth

List Growth

GROW your list so overall email revenue always goes up

Man + Machine = BFF’s

Automation makes things manageable. But ONLY when you automate the right things.

Triggers, workflows, exclusions, etc. – they only help when you’re sending persuasive emails to the right people.

That’s why Email Mastery is an end-to-end advisory service – encompassing everything from helping you to manage data and tags, storyboarding, copywriting, sending your trigger-based emails, reporting and optimisation.

We’ll even work with you on your landing pages, opt-in forms and lead magnets. To maximise your profits, our focus is end-to-end.

Email Stories

People love stories, we can’t help it.

But most businesses only send promotions to their email list. Conditioning their subscribers to become thick-skinned… until they disengage and unsubscribe. That’s lazy, and unprofitable.

A better approach is writing story-based emails – where every piece of content, and every offer, is presented in a story format (i.e. emails that people actually read).

Your email strategy only works if you’re sending persuasive emails. It’s why content and copywriting is such a big focus of Email Mastery.

Story Driven

Hi, I’m Alan Chapman

I work with companies like these to sell their vision online.

Email is a hardcoded PART of the internet.

It’s not a platform like Facebook or Google that runs on top of the internet. There are no corporations between you and your audience.

Email is an asset you build.

With email, YOU decide how to operate: what to write, and to whom. It’s a direct connection to build relationships with your audience, and make profits.


I’ve worked with a few. They all send emails 🙂

But seriously, the tool doesn’t matter as much as you’d think. It’s likely your email provider has the feature-set that you need.

In terms of the vendor landscape, some email tools are built from the ground up as ‘subscriber-centric’ as opposed to ‘list-centric.’ Such tools make it a little easier to do things like tagging and building automated drip sequences with sophisticated rule definitions. I do have a slight preference for those (so-call “marketing automations”) platforms.

But it’s a fallacy that you can’t achieve the same results with ‘list-centric’ tools like MailChimp. You can, and they tend to have better integrations, more email templates and features.

So that’s why I’m agnostic. At the beginning of our engagement, we’ll discuss this, and the cost-benefit analysis of switching platforms IF it makes sense.

Most businesses like to maintain ownership of their own ‘voice’, write their own copy and generally ‘own’ the email channel.

As a general rule, email is your most cost-effective channel, an opportunity to build deeper relationships with your audience, and something you’ll want to run internally.

With that said, I often create storyboards and content frameworks so you know what to write. I’ll also review your copy and feedback, if you want me to. And finally, I like to get directly involved in copywriting for you most important emails, such as your autoresponder sequence or abandon cart sequence.

The bottom line is that copywriting is crucial to email marketing. However we collaborate, your emails should be written in a way that connects with your audience.

Me and the voices in my head.

If need be, I work with long-term partners for bits and pieces. Like if I need some fancy API integration, for example.

The riches are in the niches. As long as a need exists and your business solves that need, then we’re in business.

You only need a minimal viable audience to support a sustainable business. At the beginning of our engagement, we’ll map out email objectives in the wider picture of your business.