Funnel mapping HOW-to Guide

Add A FUNNEL MAP to Your Ecommerce Dashboard to reveal more money-making opportunities about your website

Dear Ecommerce Business Leader,

High-growth e-businesses spend more resources in converting existing traffic rather than acquiring more traffic.

The best way to convert existing traffic into sales is by mapping the entire funnel and looking for the biggest drop-offs from one step to the next.

How To Add A Funnel Map To Your Dashboard

In this video I walk you through three techniques to add a funnel map to your dashboard regardless of your setup. With your funnel, you’ll be able to:

  • determine what steps are causing customer confusion or trouble;
  • prioritise conversion activities on the high-impact areas of the website;
  • become aware of bugs, browser issues and other technical nuisances;
  • start a laser-targeted effort to investigate and refine these opportunity pages.

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