Speaker services

Host Digital runs discretionary speaker services which we offer free of charge. The current presentation is called Selling on websites: converting visitors to customers.

The presentation is 100% focused on winning business on the web, or to use the vernacular, on website customer acquisition. It summarises:

  • frameworks and principles for optimisation;
  • how to make use of usability principles and effective value propositions;
  • human-centred design principles and usability testing;
  • how to identify conversion opportunities and prioritise a test plan;
  • how to measure success.

Who is this relevant to?
Individuals/companies with business-critical websites seeking to increase revenue. This presentation is relevant to all stakeholders with a vested interest in customer acquisition, such as:

  • marketers;
  • product managers;
  • usability professionals;
  • designers;
  • developers;
  • general decision-makers.

In short, anyone who wants to learn an actionable framework for website optimisation, or simply wants to familiarise themselves with basic usability terms, concepts and processes.

This talk is given by Alan Chapman. Alan has ten years’ experience in ecommerce working in digital marketing agencies with a focus on ecommerce and user acquisition. His business, Host, is a UX agency specialising in creating persuasive pages that sell.